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About -FLAIR-

F.L.A.I.R. (Female Led Authority Inspired Relationships) is for women who identify as Dominants, Masters, Owners, or Women in Charge of their relationship and anyone who loves Women in Charge. 

F.L.A.I.R. celebrates dominant women and educates, empowers and supports and supports them. We are inclusive of all, while maintaining the integrity of a safe space for Women in Charge.

The purpose of our group and events is to provide a safe, welcoming, educationally dynamic and inclusive environment, which allows Women Empowerment to thrive!

F.L.A.I.R. (Female Led Authority Inspired Relationships) is an organization for people who identify as marginalized genders including women, women identifying individuals and nonbinary and gender non-conforming people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of Women and want to explore how their power as Dominants, Masters, Owners, and Rulers of their domain, and those who respect, love, worship, and adore them. FLAIR celebrates Women with an aim to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and SUPPORT those who enjoy them in authority. Within our group, we aim to be gender-inclusive while maintaining the energy and integrity of Women-driven authority exchange relationships and dynamics at our events and classes. 

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