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Our events welcome all; but only those who identify as a Woman may Top/Dominate during our events. If you do not identify as a woman, you cannot Top or Dominate at our events. Male-identifying persons will not be allowed to switch or Service Top at our events.


FLAIR NATION first ONLINE Worldwide Event!

November 15-17, 2024 

Join FLAIR for a weekend of education, empowerment and Women-Led Energy!

More details to come...

  • Past Events:

FLAIR Sponsored Cocktail Mixer at the LLC

March 9, 2024

That's right - we're BACK and ready for more FLAIR at LLC!!!

FLAIR will be back in action at this year's 2024 LLC Saturday Night Cocktail Party!

This year we are joined AGAIN with MzJewcy and Special Guest SabrinaHypnotica who are going to add some twists to the classic games and the always fun "Wheel of Misfortune". Cum learn some great ways to add some FLAIR to your scene topped off with a private caning class c/o of Mz.Jewcy!

Join the fun at 10:30PM on Saturday, March 9, 2024th at the LLC with FLAIR!

Come alone or with partner(s), as long as you cum...with FLAIR!


FLAIR Sponsored Cocktail Mixer at the LLC

March 11, 2023

FLAIR will be back in action at this year's 2023 LLC Saturday Night Cocktail Party. We're back with more FLAIR than ever with some kinky twists to some fun games! Join the fun at 10:30PM on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at the LLC

Come alone or with partner(s), as long as you cum...with FLAIR!


FLAIR Sponsored Cocktail Mixer at the LLC

September 24, 2022

Join FLAIR (Female- Led Authority Inspired Relationships) for an opportunity to "mix it up" and then "turn it out" with Women in Charge! We'll enjoy some cocktails before diving into some fun and sadistic twists to classic games all geared to delight and dazzle Women in Charge!

Come alone or with partner(s), as long as you cum...with FLAIR!

FLAIR'S Flood My Basement Party! at The Red Chair

Get WET with FLAIR! on October 22, 2022

Join FLAIR as we create a literal Masturbatorium perfect for any pervert at THE RED CHAIR. That's right, we're going to "Paddle the Pink Canoe" ALLLL Night for a special "PALMS" Play Party you won't soon forget. Doors open at 7:00PM as our nefarious night of pleasureous delights starts with a Genitorture Class presented by our very own PlaineJane at 8:00PM.

"The Ins & Outs of Genitorture: It ain't just fiddlin' your dillin' anymore!

PlaineJane will discuss the variations and options for genitorture including sexy ways to make your bits feel wet and warm with pain. No longer used as extreme measures of torture by what was traditionally seen and portrayed by Pro-Doms. Now, Women have options on how they conduct genitorture and whether to be sensual, sadistic or both.

But the pleasure doesn't stop there! As always, we'll have our fabulous FOOT WORSHIP STATION ready and waiting for your weary soles. Be ready to enjoy a relaxing or stimulating foot massage by well-trained and well- motivated foot enthusiasts who are eager to send your feet to pleasure- town.


FLAIR's Winter Wanna Play Mixer 

February 25, 2022


We chased away the winter blues with this free mixer featuring a mini class on “Pick up Play for Players” focused on negotiating and setting up scenes with intention. The class was followed by Speed Dating, which gave our guests an opportunity to try out the skills learned from our mini class. Stay tuned for details on our next mixer.


FLAIR's Feast of the Flesh

May 7, 2022

Our Feast of the Flesh party, hosted on a private beach, was a delicious day full of fun, fantasy, and fornication! We kicked off this all-day event with a “Creative Bondage for Shame and Exposure” class taught by -TwistedLily-, followed by “The ABCs of CNC”. A large and fully equipped play area was available for our guests, as well as stations for foot worship, human furniture rental, cigar service, and body buffing. But what’s fun without some games too? In an ultimate battle of the bottoms, s types competed in our Gauntlet of Guile to impress judges using only their wit and cunning to win. Finally, we rounded out the decadence of the day with a collection of local kinky toy and accessory vendors. Come check- out our next exciting event!


The FLAIR Cocktail Mixer at SELF

June 16, 2022

We mixed it up and turned it out at Southeast LeatherFest, hosting a sexy cocktail party! Signature cocktails and light snacks were served, along with some truly creative and sadistic party games geared toward Women in Charge! Don’t miss the next FLAIR event!


FLAIR's Women In Charge Roundtable at SELF

June 17, 2022

Our roundtable discussion at the Southeast LeatherFest, moderated by PlaineJane, focused on the different identities and expressions of Female Led dynamics in lifestyle communities. From Madam to Daddy, and every honorary in between, our panelists discussed and explored their own expressions and the language they use to suit their dynamics. Panelists included: MadamBunnyBlack, Nolovelost, Ms.Reemah, Queen Kate and Lady Kita. Stay tuned for details on our next interactive panel!

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